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Creative label based in Amsterdam.

Demonition Party

[ Films by ]
Horacy Muszyński
Kyulim Kim and Jurgis Lietunovas

[ Music ]
Jonathan Castro
DJ Razorblade

Saturday, 22th of October
From 8:30 till dawn
At Corridor Project Space
Veemkade 574, 1019BL Amsterdam

Organized by SOORT, Frederique Gagnon
With support from Corridor Project Space

Graphic design by Goy Tung


Eurico - Salamandra
Eurico - Salamandra (instrumental)

Produced by: Eurico
Mix & Master: Kron Silva

Still Making Art International Music Services (out of retirement) X SOORT

Snailway (aka Frederique Pisuisse)
Eurico (Live)

Lucía Vives
Nadh Lingyun

Friday, 22nd July 2022
7PM to 3AM
ISO Amsterdam, Isolatorweg 17, 1014 AS Amsterdam

Organized by SOORT, StillMakingArt, Frederique Gagnon and Toby Paul.
With support from ISO Amsterdam

Ground Table
with Yeong Die

Conversation with Yeong Die, a sound artist and produced from the flourishing Seoul underground electronic music scene and one third of the collective Computer Music Club.

This interview was recorded days before her performance at “Sleeping in seven euro, Waking up in nine thousand three hundred twenty won” a party that Soort organised in collaboration with the Asian Union from Gerrit Rietveld Academy and that took place at the NEVERNEVERLAND.

Ground Table with Yeong Die (dubbed)
Ground Table with Yeong Die (Original)

Host: Eurico
Audio&Edit: Eurico
Design: Wooryun Song

Soort x Hyoyeong Chu

We’re very happy to reveal our first merch, designed in collaboration with Hyoyeong Chu.
We have been huge fans of Hyoyeong Chu work for a long time so it’s a pleasure that we introduce her exclusive design for Soort. This t-shirt features her design on the back and in the front the Soort logo designed by Yunie Chae.

Size available in S, M, L, XL
Heavy 100% Cotton Tshirt, White
Soort Logo by Yunie Chae
Back designed by Hyoyeong Chu
Hand printed in NL

Scrambled Drool

Launch of the first Soort merch in collaboration with Hyoyoung Chu

Music by: blusher; Backstreet Goy; DJ Steve; Eurico (Live); pT.T; Toby

Movies by: Andrea Gonzalez; Philip Ullman; Giovanni Giaretta; Skye McKinney & Jeanne Gironde

21th May 2022 , Saturday
From 19:00
Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan, 125

Organized by Soort and Frederique Gagnon with the support from Still Making Art
Design: Sangah Shin

Need You

Eurico - Need You
Eurico - Need You (Instrumental)

Produced by: Eurico
Mix & Master: Kron Silva

Sleeping in 7€, Waking up in 9320₩
Yeong Die + bela (Live & DJ)
Leeza Pritychenko (VJ)

Snakes and turtles woke up from their long winter sleep, while the snails and bats are still a bit clumsy. It’s April 2022, the end of hibernation. Your body is heated up again, heart beats rising, warm breaths. Let’s dance; today is the first day of spring, and the last day of winter.

Friday 29 April 2022
Door Open 2000, Show from 2100
NEVERNEVERLAND, Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam

Project of the Asian Union GRA
In collaborations with Soort
Supported by NEVERNEVERLAND, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut
Graphic design Juni Mun
Photography by Sankrit Kulmanochawong

Ground Table
with Philip Coyne

Conversation with the artist Philip Coyne about community, music and his work.

Ground Table with Philip Coyne
Ground Table with Philip Coyne (mix)

Host: Eurico
Audio&Edit: Eurico
Design: Wooryun Song

Spin Sessions #1
with Eurico

Madlib – Cue 3
Dabrye – Sunset ft. Shigeto
Lord Akton – Spectator
Jonwayne – Altitude
mndsgn – SAMOSA
Andrew Pekler – Early Bird (Loose)
Alfa Mist – Coasting
Koyil – Vāɡ
Jonwayne – Ode To Mortality
Uffe Fridge Magnet Radio Theme 1
CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo (removed)
Nejrup – Manda
박혜진 Park Hye Jin & Nosaj Thing – Clouds
Lord Akton – Freedom Music

Spin Sessions #1

DJ: Eurico
Video&Edit: Eurico
Design: Wooryun Song

$euL- Gi
Mwo 0001 (Eurico Remix)

Remix of the track Mwo 0001 by $euL- Gi

$euL- Gi - Mwo 0001 (Eurico Remix)
$euL- Gi - Mwo 0001 (Eurico Remix) - Intrumental

Original: $euL- Gi – Mwo 0001
Remix by: Eurico
Mix&Master: Kron Silva
Cover Drawings: Hyoyeong Chu

Exit not Escape (Video)

Eurico – Exit not Escape (Video)

Exit not Escape

Eurico - Exit Not Escape
Eurico - Exit Not Escape (Intrumental)

Produced by: Eurico
Mix & Master: Kron Silva